5 Best Healthy Breakfasts That Can Charge You Up For The Day

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What to eat in the morning? Many people feel lost thinking about it. Food is an important source of energy. It is required to keep the body agile and active. It also helps in replenishing the bodily energy consumed at work. To prepare for a busy day and to feel filled for hours, it is advisable to have breakfast with different types of salad dressing.

Listed here are some of the nutrition-rich breakfasts that can make your tummy full and body all prepared for a lot of work waiting at the later part of the day.

Breakfast cereal (or simply cereal) is a traditional breakfast made from processed cereal grains. It is traditionally eaten as breakfast primarily in Western societies. Warm cereals like porridge and grits have the longest history. Ready-to-eat cold cereals, appearing around the late 19th century, are most often mixed with milk (traditionally cow’s milk), but can also be paired with yogurt instead or eaten plain. Fruit or nuts are sometimes added. Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion. Some companies promote their products for the health benefits that come from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals. In the United States, cereals are often fortified with vitamins but can still lack many of the vitamins needed for a healthy breakfast. A significant proportion of cereals are made with high sugar content. Many are marketed towards children, feature a cartoon mascot, and may contain a toy or prize.

Between 1970 and 1998, the number of different types of breakfast cereals in the U.S. more than doubled, from about 160 to around 340; the forecasted trend for 2012 was 4,945 different types based on the mass customization of online shopping. In this highly competitive market, breakfast cereal companies have developed an ever-increasing number of flavors (some are flavored like dessert or candy). Although many plain wheat, oat and corn- based cereals exist, other varieties are highly sweetened, while some brands include freeze-dried fruit as a sweet element. The breakfast cereal industry has gross profit margins of 40–45%, 90% penetration in some markets, and steady and continued growth throughout its history.

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a.Sprouts and beans salad sandwich: Breakfast should be the richest meal of the day.
It does not mean that it should be packed with fats. There are various salad dressing types that one can use to ensure, tastier and calorie-rich food on the breakfast table. One such recipe is sprouts and beans salad sandwich. This sandwich gets a nutritious tweak when the refined flour bread is replaced with stone-ground whole wheat bread. Some people may use Ragi bread too. Sprouts and beans are boiled and tossed together in cheddar cheese and herbs with a little amount of salt. No-salt butter can be spread on the bread first. It is topped with the tossed salad made tastier with options from salad dressing list and then the second slice of bread is kept on the top and put to grill. It gives you a very healthy breakfast with added flavors. You can also replace the sprouts with ham if you are looking for some animal-based alternative of making this sandwich.

b.Oatmeal packed with dried fruits, berries, and prunes: Oatmeal is rich in fiber. When boiled with skimmed milk, it packs a lot of calcium too. Oatmeal tends to become thicker and looks paste-like if boiled a lot. Thus, it should be poured out before it has dried completely to enjoy the flavor of milk. When topped with berries, dried fruits like walnuts and prunes, you get this dish enriched with anti-oxidants too. Many people skip berries from it and make juice out of berries to have that punch of antioxidants in the breakfast.

c.Veg omelet: It is prepared with lots of vegetables shredded and diced properly and mixed in gram flour batter. These vegetables mainly comprise of capsicum, tomatoes, onions, garlic, spinach, and so on. With the help of little spices like cumin powder, salt, and red chili powder and dried mango powder, the batter is made super delicious. A ladle full of this batter full of vegetables and spread evenly on a hot griddle. It is cooked both sides before serving hot with green coriander dip.

d.French toast: Eggs are a rich source of protein. Many people have them boiled as breakfast. There are other ways of including the eggs in the breakfast, too, if boiled eggs sound too boring. One such method is making French toast. You can break the egg and whisk it well and add vegetables to it. Half roast the bread slice on both the slides first and then dip it in the egg batter. After greasing the girdle or non-stick pan with little butter, you put this bread soaked in egg batter on it and roast it evenly on both sides. This can be made crunchy with slow roasting.

You can refer to the interesting recipes mentioned above, to make the breakfast time interesting for the self and the family.

By Author: Akash Mishra

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