How To Rap, Freestyle, And Make Your Own Songs

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In the world of music, there are several styles and cultures inside each of them. Rap music is one of a kind because of its form and way of expressing their emotions unique and exciting. Let introduce you to a freestyle rapping. Freestyle is a rap that expresses things from the top of their mind without thinking. However, there are rhythm, rhyme, and flow that must match. Rapping is a kind of art that attracts the audience through words and how they tell their story.

You can start rapping with confidence by just getting used to the beat, but importantly you should find friends who can rap and start joining them; this will help you get used to the rapping environment, and you will be more comfortable. Try rapping about the random topic will help you to think more creatively. Slowly keep developing your skill till you can rap without any struggle. It takes time, but you will feel happier because you were having fun, easily expressing yourself over beats with more confident.

There are several tricks & tips that you can try out. It called “The Limitless Flow Method.” It is a method that so flexible you can rap or express anything without barrier because it tells you not to care about rhyme too much because it will mess up, and you rap will suck. Try to think more creatively and don’t fear to mess up because not everyone is born with a natural gift, but we can train one.

In brief, if you are very interested in rap, try it out, follow your heart, and do what you want. It will take time at first but never give up keep practice, and you will make it. Find your idol and friends that will inspire you. At last, rap will express who you are in your music.

What Makes the Difference Between People Who Succeed and Fail at Freestyling…

Two men, both 18 year old hip hop fans, decided to try freestyle rapping

The first man was consistent and practiced everyday over beats for the first week.

But in the second week he went to hang out with friends who were freestyling at a party. He did so well the first week, he decided to go in. He started freestyling for his friends and it was all bad from there. 

What the 2nd Man Did…

Like the first man, the second man was also consistent the first week and was getting comfortable rhyming off the top. He was in the zone.

He also went out with friends who were freestyling in a car. But somehow found the ability to flow and rhyme naturally without getting stuck. By week 2 he was able to freestyle rap completely off the top for over 5 minutes straight. And he was able to go back and forth with his friends freestyling about random subjects for hours.

His friends and family noticed. Girls at parties noticed. His friends asked him how he was able to freestyle like a natural all of a sudden.

The second man never got stuck while freestyling off the top, and by the end of four weeks he was turning his freestyles into full songs. He felt happier because he was having fun, easily expressing himself over beats, and was more confident than he’d felt in years.

So What Made the Difference?