BAAC warns fake Line accounts are scamming customers for personal data

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The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has warned its customers of several fake Line accounts under the bank’s name attempting to scam customers into inputting their personal data.

“The bank is in the process of disbursing the subsidy under the government’s price guarantee scheme to rice farmers for crop year 2020/2021, which has prompted imposters to create fake Line accounts to scam the bank’s customers,” the BAAC warned.

Under the scheme, the price per tonne of rice is guaranteed at Bt15,000 for jasmine, Bt14,000 for off-season jasmine, Bt10,000 for ordinary rice, Bt11,000 for Pathum Thani rice and Bt12,000 for sticky rice.

“The bank has no policy to contact customers via Line to transfer the subsidy,” the BAAC said. “The bank’s official Line account is called ‘BAAC Family’, which is used to introduce new products and post important announcements. All response via this account will be automatic messaging and never from human staff.”

The BAAC also advised customers to look for the bank’s logo and a green shield icon in front of the name “BAAC Family” in Line’s information page, which signifies an official account.

“Also, our Line account must have more than 7 million friends and features a banner that you can click to apply for the BAAC Connect service. Falsified accounts cannot fake these,” it added.