Bad weather delays job of pulling capsized ferry out of sea

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Strong winds and high tide apparently obstructed the salvage operation on Tuesday (September 8) of the Raja 4 ferry, which capsized about two nautical miles off Koh Samui on the night of August 1.
The ferry said after the three 10-wheeler garbage trucks it was carrying reportedly shifted. The accident killed five of the 16 people onboard and left garbage strewn across the beaches of islands nearby.
Teerapong Chuaychoo, Koh Samui sub-district chief, said on Wednesday that the salvage company MS Service and related agencies have been planning to pull the sunken ferry out of sea by flipping the boat first.
The trucks that were on the boat will be shifted to pontoons, while the boat will be delivered to the island. It is believed that the operation can be completed within a week if there are no obstacles.