Buriram goes on full alert to ward off Covid-19 infections

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The Buriram governor announced the province is on full alert in an attempt to keep Covid-19 from spreading, with Buriram United president Newin Chidchob posting the announcement on his Facebook page today (March 16).

“Although not one infected person has been found in Buriram to date, the province is on full alert to create confidence among local people and travellers,” the announcement stated.

The province will run operations to do with public health, undertake high-risk activities prevention, and be medically ready, according to the announcement.

Officials will screen everyone entering the province, whether foreign tourists or returnees from other provinces or countries. Screenings will be conducted at the airport, bus terminal, hotels and in villages.

Moreover, the province will introduce a monitoring registration system, which will be activated if any patients arrive.

Buriram will also cancel high-risk activities that have the capacity to spread Covid-19, as well as community activities with more than 50 participants, such as seminars or even flea markets.

“For those activities that cannot be cancelled, organisers must first ask district chiefs for permission,” the announcement said.

Regarding medical preparedness, the province has provided separated rooms in all hospitals.

“Twelve separated rooms, a cohort ward, 20 beds and three ICUs have been prepared at Buriram Hospital,” it added.

Additionally, Bric Box Hotel has made 80 rooms available, increasing its capacity to serve 115 patients.

Buriram also has Communicable Disease Control Units at ready to assure both local people and tourists.