Cabbies call on government to be ‘fairer’

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More than 500 taxi drivers and related personnel gathered outside Government House on Tuesday (September 8) to make six demands, namely:

• The authorities drop plans to consider the amendment to Vehicle Act 1979, which will allow personal automobiles to be hired by call-taxi services.

• The life of taxi cabs be extended to 12 years from nine years.

• The authorities reconsider the Department of Land Transport’s mandate that all taxi cabs be installed with the Taxi OK GPS system, because this system is “quite useless”.

• The price of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) fuel be reduced, so it costs cabbies no more than Bt10 per kilometre.

• Annual interest on loans paid by cabbies should be fairer.

• Insurance policies for taxicabs should be same and as cheap as insurance for personal cars.