Call for a Constitution that cares for disabled people

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A group dedicated to creating an inclusive society put on a pantomime performance urging the public and the authorities to ensure equal learning opportunity and basic rights for disabled people in the new constitution draft.

On Sunday (September 6) evening at the Skywalk over Pathumwan Intersection in Bangkok’s Pathumwan district, the Alliance for Inclusive Society Movement (Allism) organised a symbolic pantomime performance portraying a disabled man on a wheelchair trying to reach for a golden pedestal tray, which is a symbol of the Thai Constitution.

At 6pm, group members sang the national anthem while making a three-finger gesture, after which a representative read a statement urging the public and authorities responsible for drafting the new constitution to include an article that ensures equal learning opportunities and basic rights to all disabled persons which was missing in the 2017 Constitution.

“The lack of guaranteed equal opportunities for disabled people has resulted in them being neglected and segregated from social activities, as well as losing career opportunities that could have helped improve their quality of life,” said the group’s representative.