Can Pet Cats eat yogurt? A Safety Guide for your Pet Cats 

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You might be fond of eating the yogurt in the daily breakfast meal plan. It is healthy and, at the same time, delicious as well. But have you ever thought about the fact that cats can eat yogurt or not! To give away the answer to this query, we have this blog post to let you know about the relationship between cats and yogurt!


Can Cats eat yogurt? A Quick Answer

Most of the cat breeds are hence lactose intolerant, so it means that they should not be served with the dairy products at all, which also includes yogurt. You should be adding your cat’s diet with only meat, and hence as yogurt is not included in the meat category so you should avoid serving them with the yogurt.!

Is Yogurt Dangerous for your Cat?

Yes, it can bring some harmful effects for your digestive system if you include it in your cat food bowl. Not just the adult cats, but even the kittens should not be served with the yogurt at any point of the day! You should not also be serving it as the occasional treat to them.


Yogurt is high in the rich content, and the cat’s digestive system would not be able to digest the sugar entirely and easily. Therefore, even by letting it served your cat in a small amount can bring tremendous dangerous results. It can give your cat the body with specific allergic results.

Risk Signs of Feeding Yogurt to your Cat

As we have already mentioned, serving the yogurt to your cat can face specific side effects that can harm their health and body system! Now you might be thinking about what sort of side effects it can be. Some of the few common signs are as mentioned below:


  • Diarrhoea issue
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Stomach upset or pains
  • Indigestion issues


Hence felines typically have the digestive system, which is quite small and weak enough compared to the rest of the animals who love to eat yogurt. You should not even trust the packaged food items of yogurt, specially meant for the cats. They are also dangerous for their digestive system.

If you want to know more facts about cats can eat yogurt, you should get in touch with your vet specialist. If your cat has mistakenly eaten the yogurt at some point in time, then the best solution would be to take them to the vet expert right at that moment. You should not be serving them even with the minor taste amount of the yogurt at all.


If you have a pet cat in your house, then make sure you have kept them utterly aware of the yogurt ingredients or any dairy product items in your house kitchen!