Common Air Conditioner Problems You Must Know About

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Summer is on the precipice of arrival. It is that time of the year that you wake your air conditioners from their deep slumbers-that is, if they work as just air conditioners. However, after this long a period of inactivity, a number of problems can take root that can become difficult to deal with down the road. Therefore, it is important to check your AC units with a careful eye before using them for the first time after a winter hiatus.
Here are some common air conditioner problems you must know about.

Indoor Water Leakage

If there is water leaking from the indoor unit on your air conditioner, that is the first sign, and probably the only sign you will get, of indoor water leakage. Now, the main cause for this leakage is the clogging up of the condensate drain of the machine.
Many Algae or Fungi that prefer the cold of the ACs can create such a buildup and when there is no space, the water that comes out of the AC can burst into the wall. A broken condensate pump could also lead to this leakage.
There can also be outdoor leakages which you can easily identify with one look at the exterior or exhaust of the AC.

AC Refrigerant Leak

The Freon, otherwise more commonly known as the AC refrigerant, cools the air inside your air conditioner. As per its name, it is the AC refrigerant that is actually responsible for cooling your house or wherever the AC is placed in. The refrigerant can weaken over time and leaks may occur, thereby reducing its cooling power and ultimately that of your AC. Apart from a malfunctioning AC, you will have one that is harmful to your home’s environment on your hand.

Dirtied Up AC Filter

This problem is perhaps the most common of them all. The first thing, in fact, that people do without having to contact an expert or AC repairman is to check for dust or dirt build up in the AC’s filter. You can easily tell with a look or a swipe of your finger. If there is too much dirt and dust, you need to have your filter taken out and blown with a vacuum cleaner or dust blower.
Your AC will not turn on or produce cold air should your air filter not be clean.

Malfunctioning Fan

If there were a list, a malfunctioning AC fan would come right under a dusty AC filter.
The exterior or exhaust of an AC pulls warmth from the inside of a house to the outside by means of a fan situated on the inside of the exterior. This fan, along with many other parts of an AC, is a crucial piece of the puzzle; should it fail to function properly, the AC might overheat and cause tripping, damaging the AC altogether and giving room for internal damage.

Some other problems that can be found are electric control failure and the freezing of the evaporator coil. Both these and the problems mentioned up above have fixes that you can refer to repairmen for.

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