Corrections department rebuts protest leaders’ claims of substandard food in prisons

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The Department of Corrections has sprung to its defence, saying it maintains strict control over food served in prisons, after protest leaders of the Free Youth group recently said prisoners were being served substandard food.

“The department has been strictly following the protocols in food procurement, inspection of ingredients and meal planning, which are based on food sanitation principles,” the department’s director-general, Ayut Sinthopphan, said. “We also have been working with external parties to inspect and control food quality to ensure safety and good nutrition for inmates.

“All meal plans are notified to inmates in advance, with variety based on the geographic areas, while still maintaining nutritional values. Sick inmates are given a different meal plan based on their dietary needs,” he added.

“Those who require special diets due to religious beliefs will also have different menus, which are prepared in separated containers.

“Although the department has been allocated a budget of only Bt54 per inmate per meal for three meals day, which includes both ingredients and fuel costs, we have strictly adhered to the aforementioned measures to make sure that all inmates receive good quality food according to the principles of nutrition,” Ayut said.