Covid-19 an inevitable professional hazard for some people

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People in some professions are more at risk of being infected by Covid-19 because of the nature of their jobs and, therefore, must take special precautions, Dr Yong Poovorawan, an expert virologist at Chulalongkorn University, said.

The group most at risk is medical personnel because they have to be in close proximity to the patient directly or indirectly. Some people may be infected with the disease but not show symptoms. They must have measures to protect themselves at each level of disease exposure.

People who provide services or touch the patients, including those who provide services such as massage and hairdressing, are also at risk.

Careers that involve working in crowded locations such as entertainment venues, boxing stadiums, sports fields that are now closed, are also vulnerable to infection, Dr Yong said.

The other careers that face a risk are people in public relations; flight attendants, bus drivers, fare collector, taxi drivers, employees who have to contact a lot of people even at police checkpoints, housekeepers and garbage collectors, as well as people who come in contact with foreigners or have to work in contact with foreigners who have just travelled to Thailand.

“We try to practice social distancing but some professionals cannot strictly follow it. Such persons must have strict protection measures; they must wear a surgical mask, wash hands, use alcohol hand sanitiser, not touch the face if you have not washed your hands yet, and always be wary that you are at risk of getting easily infected,” Dr Yong said.