Design Consultant

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Design consultant first task is to meet requirements and needs of their clients and suggest or give design ideas to their clients and incorporate functionality for a consultant firm or in consultant company and can be independent consultant. An interior designer must have creativity, imagination, ability to visualize concepts and explain to others, eye for design it means including color good 3D knowledge with IT skills drawing to draw sketch and interest to change trends in designing. Design consultant provides design sketch or blue prints according to their client’s requirement and their knowledge and work with their project provide samples of lightening, rooms, homes, furniture, kitchen, flooring, window covering, paint, wallpaper and provide cost and budget of the project and if need to hire a subcontractor for plumbing and electricity. Design consultant requires degree bachelor’s in art, Bachelors in fashion design or science in graphic design. There are three types of consultant in design according to
their specialization Interior Design consultant, fashion design consultant, or graphic design consultant. For interior design consultant requires bachelor’s degree in art, fashion design consultant requires bachelor’s degree in fashion designing, graphic resigning requires bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Interior Design consulting

Interior design consultant has professional specialization degree in art and work with consulting firm, consulting company, individual consultant and provide suggestion and design idea to their client and their needs after that provide a and design to their clients and an interior design have specialization in kitchen designing, room designing, bathroom designing, home designing, furnishings, spaces, upholstery, and textures offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitality, retail spaces, healthcare, exhibition design, theatre set and domestic interiors, and so on sketch and suggest arranging of furniture and lighting and also provide ideas to altering existing design into alternate design I mean redesigning of existing design.

Fashion design consultant

Fashion design consultant has professional specialization in fashion design. Fashion design can specialize in footwear, apparel, accessory design. The fashion designer consultant chooses fabric, choose color, choose fabric style, their design and marketing. The fashion designer consultant work with different fashion companies, manufacturing companies, clothing store and individual consultant as a freelancer or contractor on freelance websites. Those who work individually as a freelancer and individual contractor usually face more challenges and work in long hours in small places and constantly in under pressure to meet deadline and face challenges after completing a contract to find new one.

Graphic design consultant

Graphic design consultant has professional degree in computer science or graphic designing and work with software house, software companies, consulting firms, individual consultant, and freelance consultant on various freelance websites and work in different software’s like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator. Graphic design consultant communicates with different clients (companies, organization, firms, schools) and know their requirements and use knowledge and provide them digital sketch of a company website, company landing page, company add banner, company business cards, company flyers, products to make them attractive and can sell their products and generate profits for company. Graphic design consultant is responsible for color scheme layout of design and create images and develop graphics for a company website or company products.