Easy Dining Tips For Gold Coast Restaurants

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Whether you eat out for a nice treat on special occasions, have a busy lifestyle, so find dining out in a Gold Coast restaurant a convenient option or are on holiday and want to sample some of the fine foods Restaurants The Gold Coast offers, here are a few tips that can help make your dinning easier more enjoyable and healthier.

Joseph “Joe” Sonken (b. 1910 — d. June 1990), was a notorious alleged American Mafia figure, owner of the Gold Coast Restaurant and Lounge in Hollywood, Florida.

His father was Russian and his mother Polish. Before moving to Miami in the mid-1940s, Joseph Sonken was involved in a prostitution ring in Chicago. Allegations imply that Joseph Sonken was close to Al Capone and fled to Florida to flee police busts in Chicago.

In Miami, Joseph Sonken opened the Mother Kelly’s nightclub and became a public figure. The nightclub went out of business in 1948, and Joseph Sonken moved to Hollywood Florida to open the Gold Coast Restaurant and Lounge. According to police reports, the Gold Coast was heavily used as a meeting point for Mafia members. Joseph Sonken denied those allegations in front of a Kefauver committee in 1968. Among the famous guests were Mafia members John Gotti, Joseph Todaro Sr., and Edward Sciandra . Public stars such as Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant were also known as regular customers, and the restaurant is mentioned in the FBI’s JFK assassination files and in Elmore Leonard’s novel Gold Coast.

Joseph Sonken was arrested in 1972 for illegal gambling, but those charges were dropped a month later. In 1975, he was indicted for tax evasion and acquitted by a jury trial. In 1978, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) tried to trick Joseph Sonken by selling him cheap groceries undercover, and later raid the Gold Coast Restaurant and Lounge claiming it is stocked with stolen groceries bought at cut-rate prices. The case was dismissed.

In May 1994, Gus Boulis bought the Gold Coast Restaurant and Lounge and flipped it into a Miami Subs Grill.

Joseph Sonken died in June 1990 at the age of 83 in Plantation, Florida.

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Manage your portions

Most Gold Coast restaurants serve large portions, often they are bigger than the portions you would enjoy if eating at home.

Order half portions or share a meal with a friend, another option is to ask for a doggie bag and take part of the meal home with you.

Skip the bread offered at the start of the meal, unless it’s made there and a specialty of the house which means you should at least try it
If you like a dessert, then consider dividing one up between friends or have some fresh fruit or a cheese platter. Maybe a special coffee with minimal cream!
Try to avoid the option to upsize the meal or drinks as these combination meals are often of high carb, high unhealthy fats, full of sodium and artificial sweeteners

Making healthy choices when you dine out

A Gold Coast restaurant with a blackboard menu or at least a hand written specials board is more likely to offer fresh quality meals rather than mass produced factory type meals available in countless eating places everywhere.

As the best Gold Coast restaurants are almost always booked days ahead, especially during peak times, it pays to book in advance. Look up their website and find out a bit about the produce they use. A quality restaurant will like to inform their clientele about the quality of their meals and where they source the basic ingredients from. For example Fresh Morton Bay Bugs, Ocean caught fish not farmed, King Island Beef and organic vegetables from local growers show that a restaurant is concerned about offering the highest quality possible, so you’re bound to get healthy meals.

Many establishments brew their own beer; some roast, blend and grind their own coffee, so you can also expect they will not spoil it by offering low quality meals.

Ask for any sauce to be served in a side dish so you can control the amount you use. This also ensures that the main portion of the meal is first class and not being camouflaged by a sauce.

Commercial condiments contain high levels of fats and sugars as well as artificial preservatives, colouring and flavourings, but little nutrient value. On the other hand condiments made in-house are usually a powerhouse of health providing nutrients.

Cooking Methods

Healthy options such as steamed, poached, baked, roasted or grilled are preferable to foods that have been deep fried or cooked in oils.

Look for establishments that cook to order and avoid microwaved, frozen foods. You may have to wait a little, but you will be rewarded with a much better meal.

Eating in Gold Coast restaurants can provide some memorable occasions as they offer world class dining to the discerning foodie who takes the time to check out reviews, restaurant websites and ask around as the locals always know the best eating places.

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