Educational Consulting


The Educational consultant requires professional specialization of bachelor’s in education to become an educational consultant. The educational consultant provides career orientation and guide students which career path they take and help in change university, college, school and their admission process by providing guidance in filling admission application forms and aid forms which university college school they take according their capabilities and according to their major subject and their interest services in education and also preparing students of admission test guide students how to take university or college test give tips to pass test and guide in preparing for admission tested and choose specialization within the major specialization.

When parents move from one city to another an educational consultant provide service which school is better for a student according to the student capabilities and their educational background and according to interest find the school which is suitable for student and enroll the student in education by filling their forms. An educational consultant guide student to become a successful person and take all major decision according to their knowledge and students capability.

Knowing Student and family

Educational consultant first knows about the student history of his school how many schools he/she changed and current performance in school and educational records and family history how many times relocated. Consultant during interviewing the student and determine the what are looking in a school and also tested student’s strength and weakness. Educational consultant advice student about educational and career opportunities, boarding in school, college, university. Educational consultant will take decisions according to student performance and interests and family background.

After the evaluating student and family history then consultant will go to make the list of schools and check their educational system approximately all schools have same books and pictures, but the way of teaching different schools has different system. After the finding the best suitable school. The educational consultant will help student and family to get enrolled her child in school by providing guidance to the family in admission and admission test.

Educational consultant will follow the admission process and fill all the admission forms provide guidance in essay letters and recommendation and after that they will provide guidance in the admission test by perpetrating the student for admission test. After the test educational consultant provide guidance in choosing Course/subjects which course/subject is suitable for student in university or college and indicate extracurricular activities. Educational consultant will focus on student’s special needs and their weakness are found.

The educational may brought when students special needs and weakness identifies, and educational consultant may give answers of family’s question and may help in improves performance of students. When a student did not go to school and be afraid to go school, student did not answer their family and did not tell what problems happen with him then an educational consultant will help family to answer their questions and ask friendly students why he is so afraid and why he did not go to school after interviewing student and find the answer then tell his family about the situation and help him her child will go to school back.