Egg farmers’ SOS to government

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Eggs are in oversupply again. This time egg farmers are urging the government to lift the ban on exports, otherwise egg farms might have to shut down due to high costs

At the end of March, the Ministry of Commerce had banned the export of chicken eggs due to shortage, which had led to a price rise.

The private sector has now requested the government to lift the ban on export, as egg farmers cannot survive due to the high supply which has resulted in falling egg prices. The actual selling price of the farm is around Bt2.6 to Bt2.7 baht per egg, while the cost is Bt2.69 per egg. There is also an increase in water cost for raising chickens due to the hot weather, including the problem of chickens laying smaller eggs.

Central malls ready to open on May 1 if government gives the green light

Central Group is prepared to reopen its shopping malls on May 1 if the lockdown order is lifted by the government.

An emergency decree stipulates that shopping malls must be closed until April 30 and Central said it was awaiting the new announcement.

The company said on April 18 that its priority was still the safety of clients and employees during the pandemic and it would continue to strictly follow the government’s measures.