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When it comes to investing, there aren’t a whole lot of people who actually have success with it, and it turns out the reported average is quite a bit lower than even I thought. According to data from Dalbar inc and Jp Morgan done earlier this year, the average investor has made just 1.9% over the last 20 years!
Now this is lower than home value of 3.4% growth over the same time, less than 2.2% inflation, less than Gold ROI of 7.7% during that time, just about everything beat out the average investor!
Despite that data we have been living in the largest bull run in history starting not too long after the 2009 great financial crisis and what do most people have to show for it? Nothing! This is due to the fact that most people have been on the sidelines during this time, most people were on the sidelines during Obama’s years, which in the S&P 500 was a 140% ROI and had the lowest interest rates in 20+ years. Heck even during the tail end of his admin and the first year of Trumps with higher rates we have still managed to hit all time highs on the stock market and yet again most people have missed this whole move and on the sidelines waiting…
Most people keep looking in the wrong places….
– The answer isn’t a signals group
– Or a trade group
– Its not some $600-$2000 indicator
– Or the latest Money Maps or Agora $10,000 newsletter option
The answer is quite simple and it’s been staring you right in the face!
The answer is learning how markets work, understanding the underlying thread that silently controls all markets and how to read them. See once you clearly understand markets, cycles and trends and you have access to the data that matters, you will make better decisions with your investments.