Financial Advisory


Financial advisor is a professional in providing financial assistance to customers. Financial Advisor is general term under this umbrella many professional down Stockbrokers, attorney, tax preparers, insurance agents, financial planners and investment managers are all members of this umbrella. Bankers and estate planners may also fall under this category. Financial advisor is a general term and provide different services such as income tax preparation, services, investment management, estate planning, and planning or advice related to investing, mortgages, retirement, insurance, college savings, estate planning and more. A financial advisor may be a stockbroker, salesperson, or life insurance agent but a true financial agent would be credentialed, well educated, financial professional, experienced and work on behalf of his client.

When you are evaluating a financial advisor how they are paid some financial advisor are paid a fee for their advice/guidance and some are earning commissions from the product sell to their clients. Hybrid advisor are registered advisor charge fee as well as earn money from commission but depend upon the product they are selling and service. In fiduciaries, financial advisor only earns from commission on product sell.

Security and Exchange Commission Advisors rule must:

Select investment recommendations outside of influences, dealers and brokers on the base of ability to execution of trades for account, recommendation based on inquiry into client’s investment, objective, financial situation and other important factors and place clients interest. The advisor is paid on the basis of total assists under the supervisory, usually 1-2% some advisor are paid by commission from financial products or insurance they sell, by this can lead to a war of interest to recommend the best commission and not necessarily the best choice for the client. This type of person is only sales person and meet a suitability standard slightly strict fiduciary standard. Financial Advising is a quick growing part of the advisory business due to its flexibility are paid via commission for selling products and also fee for service and advice as a fiduciary. Some advisors are paid by hourly and a fee for specific project through retainer fee.

Find out best Financial Advisor

Finding an advisor from different methods like family and friends referral, or professional organization National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and Financial Planning Association (FPA) can help to find an advisor. When you find an advisor keep it in mind to ask to have to verify them for any official credential, FINRA licenses or chartered financial consultant (ChFC), chartered financial analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), and registered investment advisor (RIA) are good sign for advisor qualification.

Become an Financial Advisor

Become a financial advisor you need to complete training and get a license to become a financial advisor if you are in united states you must carry a series of 65 or 66 licenses required by financial industry regulatory authority. Financial adviser term can be used for brokers, insurance agent, financial planners according to FINRA, investment advisors.
When we spelled “adviser” with an “e” is the authorized spelling as per the investment Adviser of 1940, Advisor with an o is suitable to refer who provides advice.