Govt looking into visa extension for stranded foreigners

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PM’s Office Minister Anucha Nakasai said he met Stanley Kang, president of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT), on Thursday (September 3) to discuss the option of offering long-term visas to foreigners stranded in Thailand.

He also thanked JFCCT on providing advice and promoting trade and investment in Thailand, as well as helping the government come up with measures to boost the economy.

Kang said he wants Thailand to extend the visa for foreigners who are unable to leave Thailand due to Covid-19 restrictions. There are currently 2 million foreigners in Thailand, while the visa of 400,000 will expire this month.

“We believe Thailand is still an attractive destination for foreign investors,” Kang said, adding that JFCCT has also proposed guidelines on boosting the export of Thai agricultural products.

Complimenting Thailand on developing the agricultural sector, he said JFCCT is also cooperating with universities to teach students and provide advice to farmers to make their land productive.

He said if JFCCT and the government agree to cooperate, especially in the development of the agriculture sector, it will help boost the grassroots economy and enhance the industry.

“The government is accelerating the improvement of regulations to facilitate trading and investment to meet foreign investors’ needs,” Anucha said.