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Medicaid and Medicare are insurance programs for both the federal who include veterans, military, Native Americans and federal employees and the state comprising of the disabled, elderly and people with low-income. The health and insurance programs help the mentioned group of people in medical costs and personal care services.

Medicare is, however, age-based, covering for persons in the age bracket of 65 and above or in a matter of severe disability. Medicare, on the other hand, provides medical coverage for people with limited income regardless of age.

One of the services offered by the health programs is consultation. Medicaid consultants are a group of attorneys and financial advisors dedicated to aiding the clients with a strategy on how to maximize savings and protect their assets from a case of vulnerability due to health conditions in old age. They ensure minimum costs in nursing homes thus saving a significant amount which can be guaranteed in writing. The assets are well protected from being seized by the government and can be passed on to loved ones or family members of the ailing or disabled client.

A person is eligible for a Medicaid consultation before reaching the preferred age limit or condition; this is called pre-Medicaid planning. In a case where a disabled or an elderly person is already receiving care in a nursing home, a Medicaid could still help savage over 50 % of their assets given they submit a Medicaid application.

It is important for an applicant to involve an expert advisor and members of the family since they can only apply once. It is therefore essential to the applicant to make the chance count by being in the presence of loved one who could help in considering all the many options that could be a significant impact in saving a considerable sum of money.