Historic Loei stupa closed for a week

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Phra That Si Song Rak in Loei has been closed for seven days and will not hold its annual ceremony of worship, Dan Sai district chief Natee Prompakdee said today (April 27). 

He said the Dan Sai District Office issued a letter on Friday stating that the Loei Communicable Diseases Committee resolved to close the historic stupa from May 1 to 7 and prohibit people from entering, except monks and officials who perform rituals. 

“The rituals to worship Phra That Si Song Rak will be in line with tradition, so we would like to make this clear to create awareness among people,” Natee said. 

Phra That Sri Song Rak was completed in BE 2106 (CE 1563), or 460 years ago, during the reign of King Say Setthathirath of Lan Xang and King Maha Chakkraphat of Ayutthaya. This Buddhist stupa was built to celebrate a pact of mutual respect and defence between the two kingdoms. 

Loei organises a four-day ceremony each year to worship Phra That Si Song Rak and allow the devout to make merit. 

Important activities during the ceremony include offering alms to monks, washing and worshiping the stupa, chanting rites, lighting up bamboo rockets and a monk ordination rite. Sports competitions are also organised, such as sepak takraw and Thai and Laotian boxing, and theatre events held as well.