Why Choose Metal Blinds Over Sliding Doors?

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Metal blinds are known to be the perfect window that can keep you safe and secured from the outside world. These type of protective shutter can be used for both windows and doors as and added layer of security.

A sliding door is a type of door which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall. Sliding doors can be mounted either on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above and some types ‘disappear’ in a wall when slid open.

The mechanism used to operate a sliding door is called sliding door gear. There are two standard types, top hung or bottom rolling systems. Both types do not have a perfect seal. To reduce air- and smoke-tightness and sound insulation, brush seals are commonly used.

Top hung sliding doors

Some sliding doors run on a wall-mounted rail, like this one

Sliding doors in a modern wardrobe
The ‘top hung’ system is most often used. The door is hung by two trolley hangers at the top of the door running in a concealed track; all the weight is taken by the hangers, making the door easier to move.

At each end is a track stopper to absorb any impact made if the door is slammed and to hold the door in the open or closed position. All top hung sliding door gear systems have a maximum weight limit per pair of trolley hangers. When specifying a suitable sliding system the estimated weight of the door is a critical factor, although most suppliers of sliding door gear can advise on door weights

As the door is hung at the top from two points, it also needs a bottom track/stay roller to prevent it from swinging sideways. The most common type is called ‘clear threshold guiding’, a floor-fixed plastic guide about 60mm wide which is fixed below the door at the midpoint of its run. A groove is cut into the bottom of the door which runs over this guide, preventing lateral movement of the door. With a glass door the panel runs through the guide as illustrated. Because the door is always engaged in the guide, when the door is open the floor is clear, hence ‘clear threshold’.

Several examples of free-standing top-hung sliding-door wardrobes can be seen on several websites. The mechanisms are safe, and the bottom of the doors is held in place on tracks. The rollers also have safety locks that prevent the doors from jumping off the tracks. Additional features such as soft closers or dampners can be added to further enhance the feel and usability of these products.

A popular top-hung sliding door type is the barn door, inspired from countryside barns, in modern homes of Scandinavian styles.

Bottom rolling door gear
Sometimes a top hung system cannot be used, as the weight of the door cannot be supported from above; in this case a bottom rolling system is recommended.

A bottom rolling system consists of two rollers (sometimes called a sheave) at the bottom of the door running on a track and two guides at the top running in a guide channel. As all the weight of the door is concentrated on the two bottom wheels, more force is needed to move the door than on a top hung system.; (cite a reference for this assertion)

Lift-and-slide door gear
A sliding door that is lifted from the frame during opening and closing is called a lift-and-slide door. This allows for a better seal, with less draught and better soundproving.

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In case you are wondering why you should invest in roller shutters in Adelaide, given below are some of the reasons that would justify your expenses.

1. It is highly protective

The opening in a door can be the perfect entry for rain, hail and strong winds.

Metal blinds can save you from such unwelcomed gushes of air. It controls the temperature of your room, keeping you safe and protective from external elements. Also, it keeps you off the hot temperature of the sun, keeping your interiors cool and comfortable. Plus, it keeps control over your electricity bills as well.

Besides, open doors are also the best entry for intruders. Most of the homeowners these days invest in glass doors that offers easy access to unwanted guests. Metal blinds on the other hand are much protective and also blocks the view of your interiors from outside. This not only keeps your home protected but also adds to your privacy, keeping your internal matters to yourself.

Additionally, they are hard to open making it difficult for burglars to break through your property. Installing roller shutters in Adelaide also eliminates your worry while you are away from your property.

2. It is easy to use

Metal blinds are easy to use and can be pulled down fast in case of sudden hail and heavy winds. Also, it can be installed very easily. However, you can get in touch with an expert to ensure a seamless installation.

3. Requires less expense

Metal blinds are comparatively long-lasting, saving you from additional charges of repair and replacement. Furthermore, they are affordable and can be installed within your budget.

4. Adds value to your property

The look and feel of metal blinds are fantastic and aesthetic. It adds value to your property and changes the entire look of your house, both internally and externally. The modernised designs can be customised as per your interiors to make the roller shutters in Adelaide a statement piece, stealing the spotlight. They are available in different colours as per your choice and need.

Having said that, it is advisable that you works with experts to ensure safety and professional installation. Search for the best agency near you and enjoy quality installation process.

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