Shag Rugs – Their Glorious Origin And Rise To Popularity

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Shag rugs are commonplace in the interior design world. But, have you ever pondered as to what could be the meaning of the word? Well, different countries envisage something or the other when the word ‘shag’ is uttered. While in the UK, it is not something one would pronounce in polite company, in the US, it’s renowned as a dance form. The term has also inspired a repertoire of music, which goes well with Carolina shag – a typical swing dance. Similarly, one has myriad such memories with the term.

But, as explained in the opening statement, more than anything, it’s a type of carpet that resonates luxuriousness indoors. Let’s look at its glorious history for a change, instead of jibing with the interior designing tips often shared by experts.

Origins of Luxury Shaggy Rugs

If you check out Wikipedia, you will discover that shag draws inspiration from the archaic English word – Sceacga, which is further associated with skegg, meaning beard. This is just the origin of the term but the floor covering dates back to Ancient Greece, where Flokati rugs were once a sought-after accessory in royal palaces. The pile, usually comprised of goat hair and featured long strands. As the style gained momentum, it spread to the Middle East and witnessed huge demand from grand fortresses.

So, let’s not stay under the impression that it originated somewhat in the 60s when lava lamps and tie-dye were rolled out. But, yes, one thing’s common ever since we got introduced to shag rugs and that’s long loops and deep pile. The haggard appearance is what makes it distinct from the rest of the styles. Agree?

Shag’s Take Off
You may associate the 60s and 70s to a period of civil rights, politics and music but it was a significant era in the world of interior designing. Industries like flooring, apparels, furniture and home accessories were witnessing huge transitions. This was when shags stole the spotlight with its welcoming touch in homes. Alongside beaded curtains, lava lamps and vibrantly decorated home interiors, it looked marvellous.

All of this continued until the 80s when decorating trends shifted to a more conservative front. As florals and country-side inspired designs started coming to the limelight, shag rugs exited the market.

Shag Rugs’ Revival
It was not long until shag rugs hit the headlines again but this time with a wide range of hues and styles. The materials used up today are hardly limited to wool but extends to polypropylene, faux fur, acrylic, polyester and leather. This establishes one thing and that’s the leaving behind of the flower-child era to something that’s more enduring. Modern ones also enjoy popularity due to the washable element, making it easy to maintain at home. And, why not? After all, the washable shaggy rugs alleviate much of the stress in occupants, who worry about upkeep and the expenses when involving a professional.

In contemporary times, it populates mostly the bedrooms because people seem to have fallen in love with its cosy feel. Apart from that, it acts as a welcome treat to the feet of kids in the nursery. The plush feel that it garners to occupants stepping out of the shower, further makes it a favourite in bathrooms. Family rooms, playrooms and living areas are also ideal places to have them.

In the end, it seems like shag rugs have reinvented themselves into not just decorative elements but as practical inclusions. It’s here to stay and explore less experimented areas of one’s home. Walk-in closets and entryways are two of the most likely places where it’s soon going to be common in. So, go ahead and order in for yourself from a rug outlet of your choice in Ireland. You won’t regret it, we are sure!

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