iLaw manager Yingcheep: Police an obstacle to collecting signatures for Constitution amendment

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Police have become an obstacle to students collecting the names and signatures of those who want to support Constitution amendment, iLaw manager Yingcheep Atchanont wrote on his Facebook page yesterday (September 9).

He claimed numerous provincial students, who had set up tables to collect signatures, were photographed by police, with officers turning up later at their homes but telling their parents the students could do so since their action was legal.

However, Yingcheep questioned why police officers appeared at their homes since the students had done no wrong.

He also said some universities have prohibited their students from setting up the tables. And in the case of a university allowing students to do it, no one dared to sign his or her name to support the amendment, since police had parked their cars there.

Yingcheep mentioned in his social media post that he himself had tried several times to set up tables to collect signatures, but several places refused to give him approval to do so.

As for those who at first contacted him to collect people’s signatures and then changed their minds at the last minute, Yingcheep explained that these individuals were scared of being visited by the police.

However, Yingcheep concluded in his post that he supported people setting up tables to collect signatures, and hoped they would not have to face police like the others.