It Is So Easy to Give Up on Our Goals When They Don’t Give Us Immediate Results

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We have motivation. We “do what we’re told,” but our body still isn’t to our liking and is holding us back from our life.

And so we get frustrated and either get mad at ourselves, react and jump to something different, or just stop altogether.

The world we live in today is fast, which translates to us wanting immediate satisfaction.

Quick Fixes Don’t Work
But the dark side behind those “magic buttons,” “get rich quick,” “crash diet” techniques?

They rarely ever work!

One thing I run into with so many of my clients is that they always ask me, “Ekemba, what is the one thing I can do to get some great reward?”

And I think that is one of the most disjointed ideas we have today about what it takes to take care of your body.

Everyone wants to live a good life and have their body not keep them down, but to help propel it.

But there is a big issue with the information that comes out. It’s all disjointed and designed around marketing first, and not about what it really takes.

You see, to really take care of your body, you need to have a plan…

When I began working out, it was for sports. The goal was to get good at the sports I played.

Then afterward, I wanted to lose weight and gain muscle.

Then I HAD to train to correct my injuries and imbalances.

All those programs are different. But we are told that they are all interchangeable and are “tools in our tools box,” and thrown under the guise of “changing it up.” When, in reality, it is tough to fit them together, and takes time for each program to take effect.

Follow The Correct Path For You
It wasn’t until I was forced to take a step back to correct my injuries did I start to study the rules and philosophies designed to have the body function at its best did I see where the health and fitness industry was leading us astray.

It’s easy to feel like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing because you are active, and the workouts that you and everybody are doing make some sense.

But just because some of the information is correct doesn’t mean it is totally correct or totally correct for you.

Because now, the health and fitness industry is such a copycat industry… it’s easy to fall into a rut.

If you don’t really know what you’re doing, or if you’re only reference is that you are moving and working out…

Odds are you aren’t going to really achieve your goals.

Usually, to get that satisfaction that you have achieved what you really want, you have to do what others aren’t.

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