Netizens look to uncover those responsible for spreading virus

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Netizens are looking for the people responsible for spreading Covid-19 at a boxing stadium in Bangkok as the number of coronavirus cases rose to 827 today (March 24).

Several Internet users started demanding accountability from the Army after they learned the boxing ring was run by the Royal Thai Army.

On March 3, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered that every public gathering location such as sports stadiums should be closed, but on March 4 the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium under the management of the Army was still open.

The stadium was sanitised on March 5 and despite the PM’s order, organisers still went ahead and held a competition on March 6 – the beginning of another round of Covid-19 spreading.

As of now, 103 visitors to the stadium have been infected with the coronavirus and there is a possibility that the number will soon increase.