Rare wreathed hornbills spotted flying across Mae Wong National Park

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Nearly 30 wreathed hornbills fearlessly spread their wings over Mae Wong National Park, a sight rarely seen in over a decade.

Nearly 900 square kilometres of verdant jungles, rich in flora and fauna, make up the Mae Wong National Park. The park lies adjacent to the Khlong Lan National Park and the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Uthai Thani province.

It is home to elephants, tigers, and birds like the hornbill and kingfisher have staked their claim to the park’s lands.

The highlight is the Phu Sawan Viewpoint located approximately 300 metres uphill to see the impressive sunrise and sunset. It is one of the important bird-watching spots in Thailand and also a habitat for a wide variety of birds.

During this period, there are many kinds of birds flying by. The bird species that are outstanding and are of great interest to bird watchers are rufous-necked hornbill and wreathed hornbill, plus 300 other species of birds.

Artid Nima, a Nakhon Sawan-based photographer, who took a picture of a hornbill, at 8.45am at the Chong Yen Campground, said on Sunday that the weather at Khun Nam Yen Forest and Chong Yen Campground in Mae Wong National Park was refreshing. He said he was lucky to be ready to take a close-up picture of a group of 30 wreathed hornbills, seen there for the first time in a decade.