List of Exotic Pets Which Are Legal to Own in New York State


Pets are yet the standard parts that are associated with the people’s lives as it is never unusual regarding a person to possess a dog, or a cat, seafood, a bird, or even a small frog at home. Hence, several individuals aren’t content, along with just having these common domesticated animals as pets. Some wish to have more exciting companions in your own home, and therefore, some individuals else opt to have an Exotic pet instead. While getting an Exotic pet can be rewarding; choosing the best Exotic pet personally can be extremely confusing. An exotic pet is usually an animal kept being a pet, not commonly referred to as the pets’ category. Another description of an Exotic pet is a rare or unusual animal kept as a pet.


Here is the list of exotic animals that you can have if you live in New York State.

  1. Coatimundis

Coatimundis are classified into various types, namely white-nosed, ring-tailed, and island coatis. Though the coatis are split into different classifications, the distinctions between the features of their groups are not that significant. This is a crucial specie which you can own in New York State. Such dissimilarities include lighter plus darker coats as properly as markings on their faces and tails. White-nosed coatimundis are known concerning their extended black nasal area and white muzzles.

  1. Binturong

The binturong, also known as the Bearcat is a primary tree-dwelling mammal. The particular binturong’s natural habitat is up in the trees of the rainforest cover. The binturong is the nocturnal animal that sleeps on tree branches. Bearcats are omnivores, primarily eating various fruits but have got also been known to eat vegetation, eggs, plus small animals, for example, birds and rodents.

  1. Kinkajou

A kinkajou kid is cute, so I can’t blame you if you want to understand more about this sweet exotic animal. The technological name for this pet is Potos flavus. Honey bears are usually tropical mammals that reside in the rainforests of the Western Hemisphere. Because of the nocturnal nature, these exotic pets are also referred to as nightwalkers. They are usually closely related to raccoons and red pandas.

  1. Wallaby

Due to a higher level of cleverness, a capybara can understand almost anything from an affected owner with knowledge of how to train a good animal. These creatures certainly can all in all assimilate what is usually and is not much appropriate behavior. If this will be all countered with a loving compliment for things that are done correctly or adequately, a capybara can hence acquire good “manners” quickly.

  1. Fennec fox

Do you wish to have an unusual pet that is a little different from the standard and you have a love for the canines, you might like to consider getting the fennec fox. The fennec fox, also known as a desert fox, typically weighs only 2 to 3. 5 pounds as an adult! This is a crucial exotic pet that you can own in New York State. Even though there aren’t too many people out there who very own a fennec fox, they will make great domestic pets if you take the appropriate precautions.