Man pays a heavy price for trying to make peace in Chanthaburi

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An armed clash between two youth gangs in Chanthaburi province on Tuesday ended when a man who tried to intervene got caught in the crossfire.

Early on Tuesday, police responded to calls and showed up at the shooting site in Pak Saeng fruit market to find Thammarat Suntorn, 34, with several gunshot wounds and a left hand that badly damaged by a bomb. He was immediately taken to Prapokklao Hospital.

Police collected 12 bullet shells and a few grenades as evidence.

According to witnesses, the two gangs began fighting at the market before Thammarat showed up to break them up with a grenade in his hand to threaten them with. However, he was caught in the crossfire, and the grenade in his hand exploded.

Thammarat had been arrested in 2015 for gun possession and attempt to murder, but managed to escape. He will be detained once he recovers.