Medical group issues statement in support of anti-establishment protesters

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A group of doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical personnel issued a statement on Tuesday (September 1) expressing their support for pro-democracy protesters and their demands that the government stop harassing people, the 2017 Constitution be rewritten and Parliament be dissolved.

The statement pointed out that the Constitution’s Articles 34 and 44 give people the right to express their views and protest without violence, weapons or intention to overthrow the monarchy.

The group also called on the authorities to lift the state of emergency because there have been no domestic Covid-19 infections for three months and that people should be allowed to return to their normal way of life. They said strict measures should only be applied to people in high-risk areas.

The group also called on the authorities to drop charges of sedition against the protesters, because they did not instigate violence or conflict among people.

The statement also accused the National Council for Peace and Order and the government that succeeded it of failing to protect human rights and the economy.

Since 2014, 783 people have been threatened, 1,219 faced charges, 28 thrown behind bars, 104 forced to seek asylum overseas and 10 have been abducted. Economically, Thailand has a Bt7.43-trillion public debt, 13.48-trillion household debt, while economic growth stands at minus 12.2 per cent.