Free flu vaccines for social security members aged over 50

Social security scheme members who are more than 50 years old will be eligible for free influenza vaccine with effect from October 15.

“Persons under the social security scheme aged over 50 years will be eligible to receive influenza vaccines free of charge once a year at specified medical institutes,” said Thossaphol Kritwongwiman, secretary-general of the Social Security Office.

“Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Office realises the importance of building strong immunity in elderly persons, who have higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. It will also help reduce the burden on medical personnel in treating flu patients during the outbreak,” he added.

The Office will cover the cost of vaccines normally charged at Bt250 for vaccines protecting against three types of flu, and Bt450 for vaccines protecting against four types of flu.

The free vaccine clause was added on September 8 to the social security regulations on prevention of diseases not related to work, and will take effect from October 15.

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