Covid-19 outbreak leads to artificial shortages due to panic buying


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to panic buying by people around the world, leading to shortages at some outlets as consumers stock up on foods and necessities.

In Thailand, the government has assured adequate supplies and dissuaded people from hoarding goods. Thailand has not reached phase 3 of the outbreak yet.

Meanwhile, food factories and various consumer products makers have confirmed that they can still produce enough products for the market.

On Wednesday (March 18), at Klang Plaza Department Store in Nakhon Ratchasima province, where no cases of Covid-19 have been found so far, products such as instant noodles and toilet paper were running out of stock quickly due to the large number of people stockpiling while staff at the department store are working harder to fill the shelves since yesterday.

Pirat Manasilpa, deputy chief executive officer of the store, assured that there were enough stocks to meet the demand, except in the case of some alcoholic products.

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