Revenue Dept simplifies tax payment via 9 digital gateways

Nine digital gateways have been opened to help taxpayers file their returns before the looming deadline on August 31. The Revenue Department said the nine gateways were designed to make tax-filing quick and hassle-free for businesses and individuals.

Last week the department acknowledged that pandemic-hit Thailand will fall short of its targeted Bt2 trillion in tax revenue this year, based on an earlier GDP projection of 3.5 per cent growth, since adjusted to 8 per cent contraction.

The department was doing its best to meet revenue targets by applying the right approach to the right segments via the nine digital initiatives, director-general Ekniti Nitithanprapas told the “Easy Tax Transforms Your Life” forum at Impact, Muang Thong Thani this week.

The nine digital gateways are:

1. Tax from Home

* E-registration. Internet-based tax return filing registration and submitting relevant documents through e-mail without the need to visit revenue branch offices.

* E-Filing. Internet-based tax return filing, with extended filing and payment period, helps the private sector to manage their cash flows to the best effects.

* E-payment. Electronic tax payment benefits from most commercial banks’ waiver of service fees for e-filing and e-payment until December 31.

* E-refund. The Revenue Department will refund overpaid tax to individuals and corporations through the convenient, fast and secure PromptPay system.

2. My Tax Account provides a list of allowances and tax privileges for individual taxpayers to examine. Information includes health insurance premiums, e-donations, contribution to the Government Pension Fund and to the Social Security Fund. This will reduce the burden of keeping documents and speed up personal income tax return filing and tax refund.

3. e-donation developed to store donation information of organisations and allow donors to use their tax deduction right without having to keep donation receipts. Taxpayers can check their donation information at My Tax Account section on the Revenue Department’s website.

4. Open API allows start-ups to connect their systems with the Revenue Department’s system to facilitate taxpayers’ online tax return filing and tax payment, now available through iTAX and noon platforms.


5. RD Smart Tax Application is an app that makes taxation easier. It provides news, tax knowledge, online tax return filing service, and maps for Revenue Department agencies nationwide. It can be downloaded from App Sore and Google Play.

6. VRT on Blockchain is the world’s first mobile app-based tax refund for tourists system equipped with the Blockchain technology to connect information from public and private organisations, making VAT refund for tourists fast and easy.

7. e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt include electronic tax invoice, debit note, credit note and receipt with digital signature. It helps cut costs and time for business operators preparing and submitting these documents.

8. e-Withholding Tax applies when payment is made to a domestic or foreign recipient. The system automatically submits information and tax at the same time as the payment is made through commercial banks providing this service. This helps shorten the process and reduce costs and tax required, with supporting documents inspected on the Revenue Department’s website.

9. e-Stamp Duty is an internet-based stamp duty payment system for electronic instruments, providing enhanced convenience while reducing hassle and saving time. It also supports the government’s National e-Payment policy and makes e-Business practice more agile and

“The period for personal and corporate income tax return filing and payment for tax year 2019 will end this month, so income earners are encouraged to file tax returns through electronic system on the Revenue Department’s website,” said Ekniti.

For more information taxpayers can contact the RD Intelligence Centre on 1161 or any Revenue Department office nationwide.

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