Foundation seeks volunteers to remove huge amount of mud in flood-hit Nan

The Mirror Foundation is looking for volunteers to help remove huge quantities of mud from flood-hit areas of Wiang Sa district of Nan province.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (August 29), the foundation explained that every time there was a flood, the situation does not improve when the water level goes down or the media stops reporting the news.

“The problem that flood victims have to face after the situation improves is the huge amount of mud in their communities, such as inside residences, on the road, or inside sewers,” a foundation official said.

“This problem is hard to solve, especially for houses where children and the elderly live, while this mud will flow back into the houses when it rains.”

The official added that people who are interested in participating in the restoration work can contact: 061 909 1840 or visit the foundation’s Facebook page.


“Restoration work may take many weeks to be completed, and requires the cooperation of many people,” the official added.

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