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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to take steps to rectify those crisis that have continued to subjugate the population to wallow in desperation praying for better times ahead. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And, that is what we have here and what is called for us to do today. It is too bad so many people have their head in the sand not realizing the enormity of just how bad things really are. The structure of denial is an all too common trait especially among the Republican Party.

What this current health crisis has done it has poked holes in the already very fragile framework of our economy, shown the deep divisions in our society and proved we have had a failure of leadership for far too long. Prior to this pandemic contrary to what the pulpits or should we say puppets state the US economy and our social structure is fast deteriorating at a clip faster than anyone has noticed. The state of denial especially by the members of Congress and their failure to come to bat for the citizens is well documented. Their failure to provide financial help when America needs it most is a testament to their audacity.

The complexity of events today has heightened our lack of concern over a unifying factor that would pull this nation back together. When Space X set four to the International Space Station, when a vaccine is now poised to be unleashed amidst a President who won’t concede show cases how unifying factors are overshadowed by diversionary forces. When it comes to our economy or what is left of it there too is a unifying set of factors but they are all part of the diversionary forces in our congress. These diversionary forces actually create more division in our society.

For millions who are trapped and see no way out of the cycle and circumstances they find themselves in have for years been denied the opportunities to enable themselves to relinquish the yoke of oppression that is still being enforced by policies of our own government. This past year we have seen the ugly head of tyranny by the Trump Administration rise and inflect collateral damage to the nations health and our economy. The pandemic only accelerated the rise of division that continues to damage the health, security and stability of America.

If we fail to realize what is actually happening to our society when we have elected officials polarize the country instead of reaching accord in unification the United States will be a nation that has really lost it’s way. And that is the American tragedy that is already playing out on the world’s stage. Is this our destiny or are we equipped mentally to tackle the issues and crisis that are destroying the very framework that our founding fathers forged for this nation? Implementing National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation as the road map for our future is vital for America’s future.

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