Official urges people to avoid provincial travel between the provinces

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Full relaxation of Covid-19 regulations in transportation is not possible yet, as people need to follow social distance and limit the use of transport, permanent secretary at the Interior Ministry, Chatchai Promlert, said on Sunday. 

The official reiterated the government’s plea to people to avoid inter-provincial travel unless necessary. 

Meanwhile, officers at border check points will continue to check passengers and drivers in line with health guidelines. 

Reacting to public concerns that people travelling between provinces might be detained in state quarantine for 14 days, he said that the travellers would need to provide evidence and explain the reason for the visit, such as going to court or hospital. He denied that all travellers would be detained for 14 days every time they cross provinces. People temporarily staying in another province must do home quarantine, he said. 

He said that among some 100,000 non-local people, 50,000 wanted to leave Phuket during the relaxation at the close. He said most of these people had lost their jobs and had been forced to remain in Phuket due to the lockdown measure in force until April 30. 

He made clear that not everyone has been allowed to leave since three out of 17 sub-districts have yet to have new infections in the past 14 days. Only 3,600 people were allowed to leave Phuket of whom 70 per cent had a home in nearby southern provinces.