Pork is safe to eat, top official assures in reaction to rumours on social media

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The chief of the government’s livestock department has rubbished rumours circulating on social media and Line application that pork meat is not safe to eat at the moment due to the outbreak of some swine diseases.

Sorawit Thanito, director-general of the Livestock Development Department, urged people not to believe such rumours and to avoid forwarding messages that spread false information.

“The pork manufacturing process in Thailand is certified to be of international standard under the department’s supervision and is fully traceable,” Sorawit said. “Pork produced domestically is safe to eat provided the consumers cook it properly.”

Sorawit added that the rumours might be the work of middlemen in pork trading who aimed to lower the price of pork that has been rising after the government eased the Covid-19 lockdown which increased demand for pork.

“If you are concerned about safety and quality of pork, look for the “Livestock OK” seal on meat package, which the department has been granting to manufacturers and distributors who have passed our standards in quality control and communicable disease prevention,” he added.

“Meanwhile, swine raisers could alert the department via mobile application “DLD 4.0” if they found abnormality in swine health or pigs die of unknown reasons, and we would dispatch officials to employ preventive measures against swine diseases immediately,” he said.