Predee: I quit because of sclerosis, not conflict with deputy

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Now former finance minister Predee Daochai, in an exclusive interview, told Bangkokbiznews, under The Nation group, that his decision to resign was based on his health.

He said he developed sclerosis, with left-arm numbness, some 3-4 years ago. His condition appeared to improve after that. However, after accepting the finance minister’s post, the symptoms returned. He believed his health condition worsened from the pressure of wanting to succeed in his post.

“I had discussed this with another senior member. He advised me to not let the symptoms get worse as this would lead to lifelong paralysis. That is the reason why I resigned,” he said.

Predee denied having any conflict with Deputy Finance Minister Santi Promphat, and said they could work and discuss matters together despite having different approaches and varying points of view in management.

Predee is the sixth finance minister to see a relatively short term in power. Pote Sarasin had only four days in the post. He was temporarily promoted and then resigned after elections in 1957.