Premium Greek Wine Are Relatively Inexpensive!

Wine & Alcoholic drink

There is no shortage of the wine lovers in this world. Though there are many different types of liquors that can be tasted, the taste of wine has always managed to draw the attention of people and there are some good reasons behind it. When you taste wine, a great flavor uses to touch your heart and soul. A few sips of wine can make you feel refreshed. After a long tiring day when you have wine bottle before you and some wine is poured into the glass from that bottle and you drink it, you really feel great and amazing.

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and among the first wine-producing territories in Europe. The earliest evidence of Greek wine has been dated to 6,500 years ago where wine was produced on a household or communal basis. In ancient times, as trade in wine became extensive, it was transported from end to end of the Mediterranean; Greek wine had especially high prestige in Italy under the Roman Empire. In the medieval period, wines exported from Crete, Monemvasia and other Greek ports fetched high prices in northern Europe.

Wine regions

A system of appellations was implemented to assure consumers the origins of their wine purchases. The appellation system categorizes wines as:[10][11][12]

  • Protected Geographical Origins (P.D.O), i.e. an Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality
  • Protected Geographical Identification (P.G.I.), i.e. a Quality wines of Origin
  • Epitrapezios Oinos, i.e. a vin de table – Not certified wine in a region of Greece (that does not reflect the real wine quality)
    • Epitrapezios Oinos, regular table wine which usually comes in screw-top containers
    • Cava, more prestigious, aged “reserve” blends (minimum aging: one year for whites; two years for reds)
    • Retsina, a traditional wine, flavored with pine resin


There are different parts of the world where wine is produced. But the wine produced in Greece has really managed to draw a whole lot of attention across the globe. Especially the premium Greek wine!

Corelli Wine can be your ultimate destination online to explore the rare Greek wine in affordable price. This type of wine is really a rare one. It is not available at other places. Only in Greece, this type of wine is produced. The wineries in Greece that produce such wine are still following the traditional ways to produce it. This is how they strive hard to keep up that authentic taste and flavor of the wine. And when you taste this type of wine, you cannot just ask for more! There are many wineries in this world which are still look for ways to establish their foot in the market. But the wineries from Greece have never faced this type of situation.

Originality and heritage has always remained associated with the premium Greek wine and that’s the thing that makes such wine so different than the wines produced at other parts of the world.  They are following the sustainable production methods and with minimal intervention they are able to produce the best wines for the market. There are so many reasons why the wines produced in Greece have managed to become so popular in this world.

Mostly, the climatic condition of this part of the world has played a major role to make the wine production so easier at this place. Due to the climatic condition of Greece, the vineyards at this place have managed to flourish in a great way. These vineyards have always remained more productive and supporting the wineries in a great way to produce the best and the rare Greek wine for the market.

For some people buying a wine bottle is very costly. They believe that they cannot just afford a wine bottle, despite the fact that they have a great zeal to taste wine at least once in their lifetime. So, the option is open now for these people. Taste the premium Greek wine and in cheap. When you compare the wine from Greece with the wine produced at other parts of the world, you will find that these wines are relatively cheap than the others. While spending ten to twenty Euros, you can buy fine to premium Greek wine easily.

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