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If you are dealing with rainfall or sun problems on your patio, garden, workplace, or balcony, you would have explored a number of options to solve these problems. If you could not make an informed decision, we have an excellent solution for you. Retractable awnings!

You might have come across images and ads of awnings while looking for a solution to your problems or when searching for ideas to make your patio or balcony look better.

Retractable awnings are now becoming very popular with homeowners in the United States. They have been popular in Europe for many years, due to higher energy costs and lack of air conditioning.

Some retractable awnings can include photovoltaic cells or rollable solar panels to generate electricity.

Retractable awnings can include the following types:

Retractable patio cover systems
Retractable patio cover systems are the latest “entry” in to the retractable market. Most of these systems are water-proof as compared to water-resistant (lateral arm awnings) and therefore allow no water penetration through the fabric “roof” section. These systems meet Beaufort scale wind loads up to Beaufort 10 (55 – 63 mph) depending on model and size. Another advantage of retractable patio cover systems is that they can be enclosed on the front and sides using solar shade screens. This allows for an “outdoor room” that can be heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

Retractable lateral arm awnings or Folding Arm Awnings
These are a modern version of the old storefront crank-up awnings of the last century. The two, three or four tension arms (width dependent) and a top tube are supported by a torsion bar. With a Traditional ‘Open Style’ folding arm awning the torsion bar a.k.a square bar fits into wall or soffit or fascia or roof mounted brackets that spread the load to the wall or roof truss. The newer ‘Full Cassette’ style of folding arm awning does away with the torsion bar and uses an aluminium extrusion that interlocks with brackets that in-turn spreads the cantilevered force imposed by the awning into the structure it is fitted to. Hand-cranked awnings are still available, but motorized awnings are now most common due to advances in technology, manufacturing & reliability over the last few decades. The motor is inside the roller tube that the fabric rolls around and therefore is not visible. Many motors now have a built-in receiver and are operated by remote control, smartphone, tablet or home automation.

Lateral arm awnings are also known as folding arm, deck or patio awnings, as they can extend / project as far as 16 feet (4.88 m) and when several awnings are coupled together, can be as wide as 52 feet (15.85 m) or more – thus covering a large outdoor space. Normally a single folding arm awning can only span 23 feet (7.01 m) in a single system due to difficulties transporting, storing and powder coating extrusion greater than this size.

The most common fabric choice for folding arm awning is solution dyed acrylic fabric that comes in a variety of styles, colours, patterns as well as performance grades for water repellence and fire retardancy. Solution dyed acrylic fabric is the most suitable fabric for use in these awnings due to dimensional properties, ease of manufacturing, weight (versus woven mesh) & high levels of filtering of and resistance against UV.


These awnings have a favoured place nowadays. In some places, even if they are not much functional, they are installed just to add some aesthetics. If you are still wonder about the benefits of owning retractable roof awnings Sydney, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to know more.

Retractable Awnings pay for themselves over time:

If you were wondering about the retractable awnings Sydney prices and their maintenance cost, let us tell you that they pay for themselves. You might wonder how. Savings!

Each time you close the awning and close a window, or extend some extra shade over your deck or patio, on a sunny day, you keep some intense beam of sun out of your home. It is well known that letting the sun in can turn the space hot. Over time, this heat can spread and add extra strain and demand air conditioning systems in a property. You can save on energy bills related to heating and cooling through adequate sun protection and shade. Simply put, keep in the sun when you want it, and when you don’t want it, get rid of it.

On the other hand, with retractable awnings, you can also enhance the cooling potential of areas. Installing these awnings will increase airflow and improve cooling efforts in an area.

Protect Upholstery and Indoors, Flooring, and Outdoors:

Most of us have gone through that unpleasant experience of having the sunrays bleach something. That’s because the solar radiation can dry out things over time and drain the richness of colours. This can be annoying, especially if you are a new property owner. Anyone looking for ways to prevent sunrays bleaching their flooring and furniture should look into installing retractable awnings.

When the sun subsides, you can retract the awning, and when the sun is more intense, it can be expanded. This means that the great outdoors can be enjoyed anytime you wanted irrespective of the weather outside.

To sum up, retractable awnings have almost replaced the classical shade systems. Besides, these systems’ designs and technology have come to the point that they add an aesthetic look and great value to the property they are established in. Therefore, it will be a good idea to get one for your open space. In addition to these benefits, now there are also waterproof retractable awnings Sydney!

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