What are the Do’s and Don’t in friendship Relationship? 


No matter how long you have into any relationship, it is essential to resist yourself into the limitations of do’s and don’t give your relationship a more reliable set of bonding. So let’s have a look at some of the critical dos, and dont’s of friendship:

Essential Do’s of Friendship:

  • You should try to stay supportive with your friends no matter whatsoever relationship they are. You should be giving them a shoulder of the support. You should support their choices if they are not at all harmful.
  • If they want to talk to you, you should make time to get into a conversation with them. No matter how busy you are, it is essential to carve out some time to talk.
  • You should give them a visible encouragement all the time. You should let your friends know that you are all the time there for them and that they can do whatever they put their minds to.
  • Giving an honest statement to your friend shows how sincere and loyal you are to them. You should tell them the truth if it is hurtful to them. A true friend is the one who will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.
  • You should be helping them with the best version of themselves. If you do know that your friend has been struggling with something, you should offer to help. You should act as the cheerleader, not their enabler.
  • You should make them realize that friendship is reciprocal. You should be pulling out with all the effort you want into your bond.

Important Dont’s of Friendship:

  • You should not be talking behind their back. No matter even if you speak with their enemies, they will always find out that you are talking behind their backs about them.
  • You should not be spilling out their secrets with anyone, even in front of strangers. If you are in the circle of trust, then make sure that you do not break them. It is just known as the betrayal and a violation of their privacy.
  • You should not be breaking any plans with them. Hence it is to be mentioned that the consistent set of flakiness is a turn-off. If you make arrangements with your friend, you should try to keep them unless an actual emergency arises.
  • You should never think about getting into competition with them. You are friends and not competitors. You should not be getting intentionally after anything as to what they want or have.
  • You should not be kicking them at the time when they are down. You should be helpful towards them and nicely play your friends.
  • Judging your friends is one of the biggest mistakes that will ruin the whole set of friendship bonding. You should try the best to embrace and respect their differences in their behavior and actions.