Restaurants and markets among 8 Bangkok venues tipped to reopen from Friday

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Restaurants, markets, sports centres, public parks, salons, pet clinics, medical services and golf courses in Bangkok might have a chance to reopen after the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration decided to ease its lockdown measures from May 1. 

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said today (April 28) after a meeting that these eight types of venues will be able to reopen but they need to strictly follow several Public Health Ministry measures, one of which is the all-important social distance. 

Restaurants have been ordered to separate seats by least 1.5 metres, sports centres are prohibited from holding team events, salons must be sanitised every two hours and pet clinics can accept only one client at a time.

Nakhon Ratchasima flea markets to open from tomorrow 

Nakhon Ratchasima Governor Wichian Chantharothai is allowing flea markets in the province to reopen from Wednesday (April 29) after they were ordered to close from April 2 to 30 in order to prevent residents from contracting Covid-19. 

His order, announced today (April 28), limits flea market sales to five categories – fresh food, necessary items, kitchenware, cleaning products and those related to religious ceremonies such as flowers, incense and candles. 

Markets are still banned from selling clothing, bags, cosmetics and other miscellaneous items.