Royalist Warong dismisses links with young dictatorship supporter

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Warong Dechgitvigrom, leader of the royalist Thai Phakdee (Loyal Thai) group, denied that the 15-year-old who posted a message on Facebook Live encouraging dictatorship was a member of his group.

The youngster shown up at the royalist rally on Sunday (August 30) at Bangkok’s Thai-Japanese Stadium and posed for pictures with Warong on stage.

He later went on Facebook Live on Monday and mocked the anti-government movement’s slogan “Down with Dictatorship. Long Live Democracy” by posting “Long Live Dictatorship, Down with Democracy”.

This statement generated anger, with netizens asking if the youngster reflected Thai Phakdee group’s viewpoint and whether it actually supports the idea of dictatorship.

Warong, however, rejected this accusation, saying “he is not our member. I don’t know. Go ask him. He’s just a kid”.