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Football Expert Reveals 
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Why You Need to Bet on Trebles…

From: Steve Hudson

Are you sick of losing your hard earned cash to the bookies?

Are you sick of the promises of no good tipsters who waste your time and lose your money?

Surely you deserve better than this?

Surely it can’t be this hard to win?


Sadly, the harsh reality is that the majority of gamblers will never make a real profit from betting.

With football betting in particular, random and strange things happen that make predicting outcomes incredibly tough.

Nobody Can 100% Guarantee a Football Bet Will Win.

The bookies LOVE how unpredictable football betting can be.

This unpredictability is part of what makes football such a beautiful game, but also what makes it infuriating to bet on.

So HOW do we climb this seemingly impossible mountain and finally make a decent profit from football??

Firstly we have let go of the things we can’t control such as….

  • Players underperforming
  • Teams underperforming
  • Poor referee decisions 
  • Random flukes



Sometimes no matter how much research and effort we put into our bets, things just don’t go our way.

We’ve all been there when a bet just loses in the 90th, 91st or even the 97th minute!

It can be infuriating to lose that way,  but that’s football and we cannot control everything.

Instead, we need to look at the bigger picture.

I absolutely believe it is possible to profit from football betting all you need is to find the RIGHT method, be disciplined and focus on the long term.

It doesn’t matter if we lose some bets, it’s much more important that we are beating the bookies odds over the long term.

A Betting System that Can Consistently Beat the Bookies Odds WILL Always Be Profitable.

Treble Tips if you haven’t guessed yet focuses on multiple bets consisting of 3 selections. 

For a treble to be successful all 3 selections must win.

The interesting thing is about trebles is that they can either be your BEST Friend or your WORST Enemy!

Let me explain…

The bad treble involves 3 poor value selections. As the poor value multiplies you get a stinker of a treble.

The good news is with 3 GOOD value bets in a treble you multiply the value or edge you have.

Here’s a quick example to show you how your edge/profit can be far greater if you choose to bet the EXACT same bets and EXACT same amount of money as trebles rather than singles…