Suicide in vain: Young woman did get her cash handout

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A woman who hanged herself on the morning of April 28 after posting a sketch of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha with a message complaining about being rejected for the Bt5,000 handout, did receive the cash after all. 

Chachoengsao-based Plaifon Amsarika, 19, won public sympathy and prompted criticism of the government on April 22 when she posted her drawing of Prayut with a message lamenting that her application for the handout had been rejected and that she was suffering serious financial hardships. 

However, her boyfriend said Plaifon had health problems and had previously tried to harm herself due to anxiety, which worsened recently due to the pandemic. 

Plaifon had applied for the handout on April 16, though her approval was slightly delayed because she had not provided her social security information.