Ten things you never knew about your car insurance


Car owners do most often sign up for the sake of the renew their car insurance policies. But if you are a beginner, you would always make the mistake of not knowing about the car insurance policy major considering and signing it instantly. Do you see that being a member of the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) entitles them to the range of the discount on the car insurance premium?


We will be enlisting down with some of the important and valuable things you never knew about car insurance.

  1. Beyond Just Accidents Cover

Car insurance is covering more than just merely the damage that is to be caused away by car accidents. Most of the time, the cost that is being brought by the events beyond one’s control is covered too.


  1. Towing Fee Waiver

Driving all the way through at the odd hours of the day on the remote areas will add up the inconvenience of not locating garages or the mechanics. If your car gets into the accident, then you can instantly claim to tow charges up to an absolute limit that is to be under your first cover.


  1. Document-Free Renewal

In almost all the countries, the process of car insurance is adding with the documentation to be much longer.


But you can renew your car insurance policy online without just as having to fill any complicated forms. It is quick and straightforward to do so.


  1. Discounts on Third-Party Premium

Third-party premium is defined as the medium of the comprehensive cover that compensates for the sake of the claims made towards third-party damages. In such conditions, the car insurance policy will be helping away as to pay the losses and any the costs to the third party.

  1. Car Accessories Insurance

In the range of the accidents or any damage, the primary sector of the car insurance cover only applies to the car and not the accessories fitted right into the vehicle. would hence push up the premium to some extent.


  1. 24/7 Spot Assistance

24/7 Spot Assistance will always be coming at your help as your car is stranded in the middle of nowhere. Hence, it features as to cover for essential facilities adding with automobile towing, taxi arrangement, or the fuel/legal assistance.


  1. Zero Depreciation cover

In-car insurance, depreciation is on the whole calculated as being the rate at which the values of car parts depreciate over the side of the vehicle ages. During the claim, insurance companies hence apply with the depreciation rate to compute the amount that would be payable as in view with the damaged part.

  1. Engine Protector Cover

By choosing with the engine protector cover, if your car engine gets stalled because of the oil leakage or water ingression, the insurance bears the expenses towards repairs for the same.


  1. Accident Shield

By taking hold on with this insurance coverage, you get compensation by the side of all the car occupants regarding the total disability in the accident.


  1. Tax Savings

If you are using the personal car, you cannot deduce any tax deduction on private car insurance. For the business car purposes, there has been the term of the insurance premium paid qualifies for tax deduction under Section 88 of the Income Tax Act.