Thai exporters urged to tap US market amid shortages of medical products

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Thai manufacturers have been urged to tap the opportunity for export of medical products reported by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as at risk of short supply.

Somdet Susomboon, director-general of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), said that the USFDA had recently announced a list of 20 products that are at risk of shortage in the country due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“Thailand still has capability of manufacturing some of these products, such as surgical gowns, gloves, ventilators and sterile swabs, therefore it is a great chance for Thai companies to export these products to the US,” he said.

Kwannapha Phiewnin, director of DITP Los Angelis Office, added that Thai manufacturers should study the USFDA’s regulations and products standard guidance by visiting, to make sure that their products meet the required standard before exporting.

“Fortunately during the Covid-19 situation, the USFDA has relaxed many of the regulations to facilitate imports, so qualified Thai entrepreneurs should find no problem in penetrating the US market,” she said.

The USFDA’s list:

1. Examination gowns

2. Surgical apparels

3. Surgical gowns

4. Latex, non-powdered patient examination gloves

5. Vinyl patient examination gloves

6. Polymer, non-powdered patient examination gloves

7. Specialty, non-powdered patient examination gloves

8. Surgical respirators

9. Non-surgical isolation gowns

10. Clinical sample concentrators

11. Transport culture medium

12. Sterile swabs

13. Microbiological specimen collection and transport devices

14. Instrumentation for clinical multiplex test systems

15. Real time nucleic acid amplification system

16. General purpose reagents for in vitro diagnostic tests

17. Microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilisation devices

18. Non-continuous ventilators

19. Continuous ventilator, facility use

20. Continuous ventilator, home use

For more information, contact DITP hotline 1169 or visit