Thailand must win the fight against Covid-19, says Prayut

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Thailand will prevail over the Covid-19 pandemic, says Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha via a live national TV broadcast tonight (March 16).

He said the country could contain outbreak of the virus in a few weeks, citing a strong public health system and collaboration from various sectors.

However, the surge in the number of infections last week might have resulted from the mass gatherings of people, he said, adding that it has raised public concerns on the course of the virus.

The constant flows of Covid-19 news and unconfirmed reports startled may people and has led to a run on face masks and consumer goods which is not necessary, the

premier said.

He said people should believe the government could provide them with enough face masks and consumer goods and there was no need to panic.

The government has never been complacent in dealing with the situation and has worked effectively to identify infected people through screening in line with global standard practice, he pointed out.

He added that the government has given full support to medical personnel and related staff in terms of equipment, safety and morale as they hold key in the fight against the virus , not to mention bringing the infected back to health.

The government will also announce more stringent measures to contain the outbreak, including a temporary ban on mass activities and closure of high-risk venues such as sports stadium and entertainment premises. It has already stepped up the screening of both foreign and local arrivals at the ports of entry to the Kingdom.

He added that Thailand would overcome the crisis via public cooperation, including cancelling plans to go abroad and practise self isolating for 14 days after returning from a high-risk area.

He also asked for collaboration not to circulate unconfirmed news which might lead to further unease among the people.

Thais must share a common understanding that the outbreak will continue for a certain period but we must be patient in order to pull through together, the premier said.

“Thailand must win,” he said.