Three new Covid-19 cases found in Chiang Rai village, district chief calls for lockdown

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Wandee Ratchomphu, chief of Chiang Rai’s Mae Chan district, called on governor Prajon Pratyakul today (April 2) to shut down Ban Pang Phak Hi village in sub-district Pa Teung after three new Covid-19 cases were uncovered.

The 155-household village has 800 residents, and 37 of them were found to have been in contact with the three patients and are now under quarantine.

Chiang Rai province, so far, has nine confirmed cases of Covid-19 – two are from Thoeng district, three from Mae Sai district, one from Muang district and the latest three from Mae Chan district.

“I decided to call for a lockdown to stop the virus from spreading to other villages in the district,” Wandee said. “The lockdown should last for two weeks and all entries to the village should be limited with the exception of necessary goods and medicines. Villagers should also be prohibited from leaving their homes after dark.”

The Mae Chan district office will also station officials at the village border checkpoints 24/7 as soon as the lockdown goes into effect, the district chief added.

On Wednesday (April 1), Chiang Rai’s governor ordered that every individual entering the province had to wear a face mask and undergo a screening procedure.