Top 2 Places You Should Not Miss to Visit in In Dubai Trip



Are you ready to make your first trip to Dubai this coming vacation? Well, Dubai is becoming one of the topmost favorite holiday spots for the tourists because it has some incredible places to visit for sure. It ultimately has high flung buildings and fantastic shopping malls. You can even look into some areas that implicate the traditional and cultural image of the Dubai place.

Tourists usually make their way to Dubai to have a birds-eye view from the Burj Khalifa top floor. But that’s not all! If you haven’t visited Dubai shopping malls in your visit, you will make your trip imperfect on your own. Dubai has an exceptional beauty of mammoth aquariums as well as some beautiful indoor ski slopes.

This city often makes you offer some impressive cultural highlights and the best things to do. We are discussing some of the worth-visiting and fantastic things you should be doing in Dubai right now:

  1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known to be the significant landmark structure in Dubai, which has grabbed the world’s attention. This structural building is almost 829 meters in height, which makes it turn out to be one of the tallest existing buildings in the world. This building is the main center of attraction for the city, which is positioned in the center of the city limelight.

When you visit this building, making your way to the top deck area of the building on the 124th floor should be your main wish. You will be able to encounter the full beauty of Dubai city on the top floor, which looks incredible. The main deck surface of the building also offers a multimedia form of representation. This building was constructed in the year 2010. You can easily reach the top of the Burj Khalifa building floor through the use of an elevator. It gives you a view of 360 degrees where you can have dessert on one, and another side will have an ocean view.

You will love the top floor view as you will be visiting it at night time. The nighttime schedule of Burj Khalifa is extremely popular in photographers. Once you are visiting this place, you will love to visit it all over again. But for performing the photography task, you have to take special permission from the management. To reach the top floor view, you have to purchase the ticker first.


At the backside of the Burj Khalifa, you can view the beauty of gardens with some winding walkways. It also includes the Dubai Foundation, which is known to be the tallest fountain in the world.


  1. Dubai Mall

  • Next on our list, we have the name of the Dubai Mall! Dubai Mall is the main center of attraction for shopping lovers during their visit to Dubai.
  • This Dubai Mall will be giving you an entry into Burj Khalifa and also in the Dubai Aquarium.
  • It is also offering visitors with the gaming zone fun along with cinema entertainment. Food centers and sopping options are countless.

  • For the family or kids, you can also enjoy the events of live music sessions or fashion shows.
  • Every single year during January and February Dubai Shopping Festival is arranged. Every single year during July and August Summer Surprises Festival is arranged.
  • Dubai Mall is located in Doha Road, just off Sheikh Zayed Road.