Top Reasons Why Australian Coffee Is The Best

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Did you know Australians consume 1.92 kilograms of coffee per person per year? Out of this, 1.39 kilograms were roast coffee, and 0.53 kilograms was instant coffee.

Australia is well-known for its coffee and has created a coffee culture that’s unique. This culture dates back to mid-1990s when Italian and Greek immigrants popularised espresso in Australia. Australian coffee culture is very much deep that Starbucks had to close 70% of its Australian stores in 2008 alone, stating that no one was buying their coffee.

Today’s Australia has a distinct coffee culture. The coffee industry has grown from independent cafés since the early 20th century. The flat white first became popular in Australia , and its invention is claimed by a Sydneysider. The iconic Greek cafés of Sydney and Melbourne were the first to introduce locally roasted coffees in 1910.

In 1952, the first espresso machines began to appear in Australia and a plethora of fine Italian coffee houses were emerging in Melbourne and Sydney. Pelligrini’s Espresso Bar and Legend Café often lay claim to being Melbourne’s first ‘real’ espresso bars, opening their doors in 1954 and 1956 respectively. This decade also saw the establishment of one of Australia’s most iconic coffee brands, Vittoria, which remains the country’s largest coffee maker and distributor. The brand has existed in Australia since 1958, well before it moved to the US.

To this day, coffee chains such as Starbucks have very little market share in Australia, with other homegrown franchises such as the Shingle Inn, Gloria Jean’s, The Coffee Club, Dôme, Michel’s Patisserie and Zarraffas Coffee also contributing to the smaller coffee chain market share. One reason for this is that unlike in the United States and Asia, Australia already had a developed coffee culture for many decades before coffee chains came to the market.


Yes, Australians won’t just buy any coffee. Their coffee culture is rooted in quality, and they don’t worry about time or convenience.

Australians love milky coffees, and lattes are the most preferred compared to flat white and cappuccino. According to a research report, the latte remains the most popular coffee drink of the country, and it accounts for 33% of all the coffees bought in Australia. Flat whites are the second most popular coffee, followed by cappuccinos, long blacks, and espressos.

Here we’ve compiled a few reasons why Australian coffee is the best.

Australian Coffee is a Serious Business

Australian coffee culture is different from other countries. Drinking coffee at your favourite coffee shop in Castle Hill is not just the caffeine hit. But, it’s also a form of relaxation and socialising. With this in mind, the Castle Hill restaurants focus on providing a complete coffee drinking experience and not just a great coffee or excellent service. The barista will be able to tell you the place where the coffee is cultured, what variety it is, and even how it’s produced. They take coffee seriously, and even you can find the best coffees in season, the specialty grade, and more in the menu.

It’s an Art

Creativity is what sets the Australian coffee industry apart, and they aren’t afraid to experiment with different varieties of caffeinated beverages to set new trends.

High-Quality Coffee Beans

Have you ever wondered how do the good restaurants in Castle Hills manage to serve the best-tasting coffee to their customers? It’s because they source high-quality coffee beans and use the right equipment and techniques to roast the beans. They are always updated with the latest technology in the coffee industry to serve the best to their customers.

Unique Style

Australian cafés put their unique style and spin on coffee to bring the slightest difference that takes your daily brew from better to the best.

The Bottom Line

Australian coffee culture is the finest and the strongest in the world. They do the best breakfast and coffee combo, and you can easily find people lined up at their favourite café for hours to get a seat. Visit to know more about Australian coffee culture.

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